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Discus Padlocks

The closed shackle offers good security. Excellent value.
Asec Disc Padlocks
From 10.60
Now also available in keyed alike (all locks open on same key).
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Asec Coloured Discus Padlocks
From 13.90
The Asec range of coloured bumper discus padlocks offer higher security than standard brass bodied padlocks, have a stainless steel body and offers reduces vulnerability to attacks on its closed shackle.
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Era High Security Discus
From 15.70
This high security discus padlock from Era features a stainless steel lock body, a hardened steel shackle (to protect against bolt cutter attack) and a 4-pin brass cylinder with bump, pick and drill resistant properties. This padlock is well suited to high risk security areas and applications such as factories, gates and storage units.
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Yale Y130P Disc Padlock
From 21.00
The Yale Y130P high security anti-cut disc padlock offers the ultimate in cut resistance. This high corrosion resistant closed shackle stainless steel padlock is fitted with non corrosive internal components and a rubber case, making it an ideal choice for outdoor use.
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Abus 23 Series
From 15.30
Abus 23 Series Diskus padlock is an economy version of the distinctive ABUS 26 series Diskus padlock, incorporating the original Diskus design with a competitive price. Medium security requirement in external conditions.
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Squire DCL Padlocks
From 19.99
Which Magazine "BEST BUY"
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Abus 24IB Series
From 19.99
The Abus 24IB series padlock with original Diskus design gives 360° protection against theft and the weather. The body and shackle made from 100% stainless steel, with non corrosive internal components and an additional keyway cover which protects dirt and moisture ingress into the high precision keyway. Ideal for use in harsh environment and marine applications, or areas of high dust and dirt content such as the back of lorries and vans.
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Abus 26 Series
From 24.00
The original circular designed padlock.
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Abus 20 Diskus Plus
From 35.00
The Abus Diskus 20 padlocks are the Original Diskus padlocks. They have the 6 disk ABUS Plus disk cylinder mechanism which resists drill, pull & manipulation attacks.
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