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Door Bolts

Door bolts are fitted as additional security to doors. The lock is usually fitted on the inside of the door and the bolt is operated by a simple key or turn.
Bathroom Indicator
Bathroom indicator bolts are suitable for installation in commercial, industrial, public, institutional and private properties.
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Asec Mortice Door Bolts
From 12.20
Bolt is locked or unlocked by turn from one side only.
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Era 838 Mortice Bolts
From 12.40
Bolt is locked or unlocked by key from either side.
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Fortis Flush Bolts
From 8.30
Flush fitting lever action bolts for use in a range of different types of doors.
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Yale Door Security Bolt
From 12.30
Bolt is locked or unlocked by star shaped key from either side. Mortice fixing with bolt throwing into the door frame. Suitable for wooden doors. Door bolt is concealed within the door. The Yale M444 Door Security Bolt series is a direct replacement for the Chubb V-8002 series and Chubb V-8006 series Mortice Doorbolt.
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Asec Mortice Bolt & Turn
From 18.80
Bolt is locked or unlocked by turn from one side only.
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Squire CombiBolt
From 13.50
The Squire CombiBolt is a unique patented recodable combination locking bolt that is completely rustproof. Simple to use and install, the CombiBolt's high-pick resistance and 10,000 code options give high quality security for doors and hatches, indoors and out. The Solid construction and benefit of 'no keys to lose' are just two of the features that make the Combi-bolt an essential purchase for anyone requiring security and peace of mind.
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Era Universal Pressbolt
From 18.60
Can be used on all external and internal doors, French windows and cupboards. Simply press the spring-bolt to lock and use the key to unlock. The Era Universal Pressbolt comes in the 805 Standard Key version and the Era 806 Cut Key Universal Pressbolt version.
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Asec Press Bolt
From 23.00
Asec Press bolt can be used on doors and windows as s secondary security product, available with a standard key or a cut key. Supplied with fixing screws and accessories. Press bolt is pushed locked and unlocked with key.
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Yale 124 Multi-Purpose Bolt
From 24.00
Surface fixed bolt suitable for both aluminium sliding doors and flush wooden doors. Offers additional security to internal and external doors.
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Yale Combination Bolt
From 23.00
This stylish Yale Combination Bolt has combination locking for reinforced security. Material: Satin nickel. Suitable for external use. 4 digit combination. Standard security. Fixings: Included.
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Squire KeyBolt Locking Bolt
From 18.60
A tough, all weather key operated locking bolt has been introduced by Squire, replacing the need for a hasp and staple. Squire's innovative new KeyBolt is made of a steel lock body, with the body and lock being cleverly encased in a smart weatherproof cover.
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Yale P126 Footbolt
From 24.49
Ideal for the elderly and people with back problems - no bending down required. Pedal operated bolt which fits on the bottom of your door. Push down the pedal once to engage the bolt and push down again to disengage. Easy to fit and simple to operate with low resistance mechanism. Available in chrome and brass finish.
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Yale 8K116 Multi
From 28.00
Suitable for wood and metal, hinged and sliding doors. This item previously branded Chubb (visit
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Era Multi Purpose Bolts
From 29.00
Suitable for wood or metal, hinged or sliding doors.
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Hull Key Centre PadBolt
From 29.99
Heavy duty strong galvenized bolt, ideal for outdoor use or use internally in some situations. This is a heavy duty hardened bolt so it is very durable.
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Asec Multi Purpose Bolts
From 37.00
Multi purpose bolts can be used on Sliding or Hinged doors made from Wood or Aluminium, supplied with fixing screws and accessories. Bolt is pushed into place to lock and unlocked by key
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Frank Allart Security Bolts
From 26.00
Frank Allart British Manufactured Mortice Door Bolt Range. Bolt is locked or unlocked by turn from one side. Release offers emergency access from the other. Available with or without release.
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Frank Allart 5640 Flush Bolt
From 32.00
Lever Action Flush Bolts for use in a range of different types of doors.
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Bulldog Door Locks
From 91.00
Heavy duty door lock where extra security is required.
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