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Multipoint Locks

Complete multipoint locks with top and bottom locking points so that your doors are more secure against forced entry.
From 39.99
Multipoint locking systems for various applications
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Era multipoints are sometimes known as Homesafe, Surelock, Saracen Homesafe Duraflex Supa Westward or Cego.
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A strong drive gear mechanism enables multi-point locking and thus promotes higher levels of resistance to forced entry, sound proofing and thermal insulation.
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From 52.00
Multipoint locking systems for any applications from self-locking to auto locking.
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From 129.00
Fix Multipoint locking systems for various applications
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Multipoint locking systems for house, apartment and side entrance doors.
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All products are tested to the latest standards, including Secured by Design the police preferred specification. Fullex's stable of products offer the highest levels of security and reliability and are backed by a 10 year warranty.
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House entrance and facade doors present special challenges with regard to burglar resistance, fire protection, tightness and accessibility. With GU multi-point locks you meet these de­mands in the­ best possible way: with additional locking elements at the top and bottom area of the door and with individual solutions for any installation situation from manual-locking ver­sions through to selflocking systems with panic function.
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Awarded the Police ‘Secured by Design’ accreditation, Lockmaster has been rigorously tested to the very highest security standards, ensuring home owners the very best protection against unauthorised and forced entry.
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Quality multipoint locks for Maco to suit most applications.
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From 78.00
The type of multipoint lock you choose will depend greatly upon it’s intended application. As the UK market has
developed, Mila have developed locks to suit all common applications
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From 54.00
Millenco Multipoint locking systems for various applications
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All Winkhaus STV systems meet the stringent requirements of the major UK Insurance Companies. Winkhaus manufacture door locking systems for all the main types of application.
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From 83.00
It usually has a minimum of three locking points (plus latch) spread strategically over the length of the door.
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