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Drawer Locks

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  1. Asec 1 Lever Type 20 Till Lock

    Price From: £15.10

    The Asec 1 lever "type 20" till lock is mounted on the inside of a drawer, when the draw is shut the key is turned extending the bolt and locking the drawer shut. More
  2. Asec No. 20 Boxlock

    Price From: £15.50

    This lock is cut into the wood on the inside of the box and the spigot is attached to the lid. More
  3. Union 4138 Cupboard / Till Lock 51mm

    Price From: £37.00

    Spring loaded latch bolt. Lock is cut into the inside rim of the door. Cylinder can be rotated. More
  4. Union Cupboard / Drawer Lock 45mm
    Surface installed deadbolt for wooden doors or drawers. More
  5. Union 4148 Cupboard / Till Lock 45mm

    Price From: £38.00

    Surface installed latch with rotating cylinder for horizontal or vertical installation. More
  6. Union Cupboard / Drawer Lock 51mm

    Price From: £38.00

    Deadbolt with rotating cylinder for varied installation options. Lock body is cut into inside rim of the door. More
  7. Satin Chrome

    Price From: £62.00

    The Yale 066S drawer spring bolt is for use in applications where the lock needs to be fitted to the flat inside edge of the drawer. More

Set Descending Direction

7 Item(s)