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Bike Cable Locks

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  1. Oxford Loop Cable Lock Junior
    This is a 10mm vinyl coated Oxford Loop Cable with a 40mm laminated padlock. The 1.8m cable provides enough length to lock up almost anything. More
  2. Keeper 1018 Cable Lock
    This is an affordable coiled steel cable for easy transport. It has an integrated key head and protective vinyl covering. Seat pin carrying bracket included. More
  3. Kryptoflex 10mm Double Loop Cable

    Price From: £12.50

    This 10mm lock extends the reach and effectiveness of U-Locks. The double looped braided steel cable can act as a cinch-loop. More
  4. Kryptoflex 1018 Combo Cable
    This cable lock features a resettable integrated 4-digit combination lock with a 10mm wide braided steel cable and 180cm long. More
  5. Kryptoflex 1018 Cable Lock
    This 10mm wide and 180cm long lock features a reinforced lock head with Talon lock pin retention system and drill resistant disc style cylinder. More
  6. Abus Cobra Loop Cable 10mm - 200cm

    Price From: £18.60

    This is a 10mm high tensile steel loop cable designed to protect bike components like front and rear wheel which is suitable for use with U-locks and padlocks. More
  7. Kryptonite Ring Lock 10mm Plug In Cable
    This Kryptonite Plug In Cable is used in combination with the frame locks like AXA Fusion, Defender, Solid Plus, Victory and Kryptonite Ring Lock with plug in capability. More
  8. Oxford Barrier Cable Lock
    This braided steel cable is protected by steel rollers and features a protective vinyl sleeve and nylon covered lock head with a dust cover. More
  9. Mako Plus Cable Lock 25 x 1200
    This is a highly flexible and easy to carry lock designed to lock bicycles to a fixed object. 25mm in diameter and 120cm in length. More
  10. Oxford Revolver Cable Lock

    Price From: £52.00

    The ultimate armoured cable lock combines strength with flexibility and ease-of-use. Made with a core of high tensile hardened steel cable. More
  11. Abus Steel-O-Flex Cable 950
    This cable lock has 25 mm overlapping steel shells which protect the inner steel cable and a synthetic coating to prevent damage to the bicycle's paintwork. More
  12. Abus Granit X Plus Steel-O-Flex

    Price From: £81.00

    This cable lock is equipped with a 25mm hardened steel shell with high tensile cable inside. It is independently tested to Sold Secure (Bicycle) Gold. More

Set Descending Direction

12 Item(s)