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Bike Chain Locks

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  1. Stronglock Hardened Steel Chain 8mm

    Price From: £17.70

    Squire stronglock hardened steel 8mm chain with durable grey sleeve. Light to carry but offer high security. More
  2. Oxford GP Chain8

    Price From: £24.00

    The Oxford GP Chain8 and lock is a strong, simple general use chain lock that features a convenient cloth chain cover and integral lock head. More
  3. Stronghold Hardened Alloy Chain 8mm

    Price From: £29.99

    Squire stronghold hardened alloy 8mm chain. This chain would be recommended where there is an increased health & safety risk to the public or employees. More
  4. Oxford Gold Chain 12mm

    Price From: £59.00

    This is an Oxford chain with 12mm thick links and is suitable for use with Boss & Patriot locks. Available in various chain lengths. More
  5. Oxford Hardcore Chain and Lock

    Price From: £73.00

    High Security Chain and Padlock. The UKs biggest selling approved chain and padlock. High Security Chain & Padlock. 12mm Square Link Chain. More
  6. Abus 12KS/120 Loop Security Chain
    This is 120cm long chain with 12mm thick links made from hardened steel to resist saw and bolt cutter attacks. Has a loop-end link for closed shackle padlocks More

Set Descending Direction

6 Item(s)