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Bike Chain Locks

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  1. Abus 6KS Security Chain - 65cm

    Price From: £17.70

    This chain has 6mm thick links made from a hardened special chain steel, designed to protect against all types of attack. Available in various lengths. More
  2. Abus 70/45/6KS65 Chain & Lock Combo
    This lock-chain combination has a 65cm long chain with 6mm thick hardened steel links and a weather resistant padlock. More
  3. Kryptolok 2 Integrated Chain 9mm

    Price From: £38.00

    The KryptoLok Series 2 Integrated Chains include 9mm four-sided chain links made from triple heat-treated boron manganese steel. More
  4. Evolution 4 Integrated Chain

    Price From: £44.00

    This chain is made from 10mm triple heat-treated manganese steel links and features an integrated Evolution series 4 lock head. Available in various lengths. More
  5. Ex-Caliber 14mm Chain With SS50

    Price From: £79.99

    14mm chrome molybdenum hardened security chain which cannot be sawn or bolt cropped by hand. Supplied with a SS50CS stronghold closed shackle padlock. More

Set Descending Direction

5 Item(s)