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Bike Chain Locks

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  1. Toughlok Hardened Steel Chain 6.5mm

    Price From: £11.60

    The Squire Toughlok hardened steel 6.5mm chain is a light and highly durable chain. it is particularly suitable where the chain needs to be carried. More
  2. Stronglock Hardened Steel Chain 10mm

    Price From: £23.00

    Squire stronglock hardened steel 10mm chain with durable grey sleeve. Light to carry but offer high security. More
  3. Secure A Bike Security Chain
    Hardened Square Alloy Steel chain with nylon protective sleeve and red plastic cuffs. No padlock included. More
  4. Squire Ex-Caliber 14mm Chain

    Price From: £39.99

    14mm chrome molybdenum hardened security chain which cannot be sawn or bolt cropped by hand by Sold Secure, Squire or PJB Security Products. Not supplied with padlock. More
  5. Sold Secure Chain 10mm

    Price From: £41.00

    This Sold Secure Gold rated G3 chain is designed for use in high risk situations. It features a 10mm hardened boron alloy chain, anti-corrosion finish and a protective sleeve. More
  6. Oxford Monster Chain 14mm

    Price From: £59.00

    As used with the new MONSTER. 14mm Hex chain Ni-Cro-Moalloy steel. Cloth covered chain can be easily stowed under the seat. More
  7. Sold Secure Chain 14mm

    Price From: £70.00

    The Sold Secure Gold rated TC 14mm hardened alloy steel chain designed for motorcycle use. Available in various lengths. More

Set Descending Direction

7 Item(s)