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Mortice Latches

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  1. Satin Chrome

    Price From: £4.20

    Latchbolt is withdrawn by lever handle from either side. More
  2. Legge 3721 Nickel Plated 64MM Tubular Latch

    Price From: £5.50

    Legge 3721 / 3722 Tubular Latch is designed to be fitted within a door and allows the door to be kept closed and easily opened. More
  3. Legge 3709LK Latch 76mm Nickel Plate

    Price From: £6.50

    Legge 3709LK Latch is pierced to accept bolt through furniture. When fitted with Legge No.14 turn, 3709LK can be deadlocked. More
  4. Legge 3722LK Nickel Plated 75MM Tubular Latch

    Price From: £7.20

    Legge 3722LK / 3724LK Locking Tubular Latch can be deadlocked when installed with the Legge No 14 turn. More
  5. Nickel Plated

    Price From: £7.90

    Ideal for domestic applications. Offer an economic latch for use with sprung lever furniture. More
  6. Union Rebated Latch 64mm SE

    Price From: £12.00

    Tubular latch for rebated double doors - no separate rebate set required. More
  7. Union 2657 64mm Satin Chrome Upright Latch

    Price From: £15.20

    The 2657 case size makes it an easy replacement for most sashlocks where no locking function is required. More
  8. Union 2642 Chrome 64MM Latch Flat Pattern

    Price From: £15.20

    Large case mortice latch with two way action follower available in 2.5", 3" and 4" case depths. More
  9. Codelocks Replacment Latch 60mm
    Codelocks Replacement Latch that suits Codelock CL250, CL255 & Asec Series digital locks. More
  10. Briton 5440 DIN Mortice Latch
    Briton 5440 DIN Mortice Latch has a ball bearing follower that provides smooth lever operation and reduces wear. More
  11. Lockey Latch For Digital Locks

    Price From: £22.00

    Lockey Latch for use in conjunction with a range of different digital locks More

Set Descending Direction

11 Item(s)