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Burtons new FF Series Filing Cabinets

Burton Safes are proud to introduce the FF Series Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets. They are available in up to 4 Drawer versions. Independently fire tested and certified by ECBS to EN15659 LFS60P to provide up to 60 minutes protections against fire. Offers a higher than standard level of security. High security, and is fitted with either a main key or electronic lock.

Each drawer has an individual drawer latch meaning you can choose which drawers are locked by the central control system and has a weight capacity of 40kg. Suitable for foolscap files. Supplied complete with drawer dividers. Optional data protection insert to safeguard your computer media.

Burton Safes

Burton Safes is a specialist supplier of Physical Security Solutions. Burton Safes aims to offer high quality and comprehensive range of safes that meet the demands of home users and the insurance industry. Burton Safes are independently tested and certified to UK & European standards by internationally recognised institutions.