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Certify your choice with CISA cylinders!

Security standards have always been important for CISA, and that's why CISA is the first company in Italy to obtain cylinder certifications.

The ASTRAL S, AP3 S and RS3 cylinders are certified according to the highest standards set by the European norm EN 1303:2005. The patented BKP versions of these cylinders are also certified according to the latest opening techniques.

The EN 1303 norm has already been acknowledged in Italy, where it has become UNI EN 1303. The norm clearly identifies the cylinder's security and durability requirements, making it easier for the end user to make his choice.

In order to assess the cylinder's degree of security and durability, the EN 1303:2005 norm fixes three criteria:

Key Related Security: active security, expressed by a 6 degree index, which varies from 1 to 6. E.g.: key differs.

Attack Resistance: passive security, expressed by a 3 degree index, which varies from 0 to 2. E.g.: drill and tearing resistance

Durability: standing, expressed by a 3 degree index, which varies from 4 to 6. E.g.: minimum number of cycles. 25.000 cycles (grade 4), 50.000 cycles (grade 5), 100.000 cycles (grade 6).

The higher the grade offered, the greater the cylinder's level of security and durability.

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