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CISA Astral S Attains TS007 Accreditation

As one of the country’s leading manufacturers of locking systems, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies’ CISA Astral S and AP3 S cylinders are among the first to attain TS 007, the latest kitemark security standard for cylinder locks and associated hardware.

TS 007 is aimed at the retrofit market and has been introduced specifically to address the vulnerabilities of lock cylinders. The standard is characterised by the use of a star rating and has been designed to rate protection against cylinder snapping, bumping and other methods of access - which can now be seen on the internet making them readily available to burglars.

The new standard is designed as a three star solution. Under the ratings, maximum three star protection can be achieved by a combination of a cylinder (marked with one star) and security door furniture such as a strengthened door handle (marked with two stars).

CISA’s Astral S and AP3 S have now been rated as one star cylinders. Fabricated with a patented laminate, they both feature a snap resistant steel core to provide flexural snap and pull resistance. This core can be seen from both ends acting as a visible deterrent. A BKP bump resistant device is built-in as standard as well as hardened steel pins and drivers to protect from drilling. The cylinders’ unique construction makes them fully compliant with BS EN1303:2005.

The Astral S cylinder has a 10-pin key biting system offering over 1.6 million differs and is completely interchangeable with the Astral range so that security can be enhanced as required.

The patented AP3 S is a sophisticated 11-pin biting system producing over 40 million key differs. Its patented mobile ensures restriction of key blanks and code cards guarantee only CISA authorised additional keys are cut. Meeting the requirements of Kitemark BS EN1303:2005, the locking system is unique in the marketplace and is patented until 2019.

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