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Graded Security Safes

In these days of increasing crime and mounting insurance claims underwriters are becoming ever more stringent about the safes they will confirm as acceptable where clients wish to store large sums of cash and high value goods.

Our Experience has shown that the 'Bible' of safe ratings for most underwriters and many insurance brokers is a document issued by AIS(Association of Insurance Surveyors Ltd) or the one issued by ABIS(Association of Burglary Insurance Surveyors) the former name for AiS. Safes are often an unknown quantity for many underwriters and brokers and naturally wanting to protect their customers by offering best advice and themselves they cling for dear life to the word of this document as their guide. This means in a few instances they have declined to accept safes not on this list even where a VdS certificate can be supplied.

Safe International offer a wide range of VdS certified products, safes in grade 0-6 and vault rooms from grade 5-10. Although our products do not appear on the ABIS/AiS list currently in circulation we have consulted with AiS and now have confirmation of their view of safes with a VdS rating. Tony Seymour from AiS states, ' I Can confirm that it is the present attitude of the Association (AiS) that safe which hold a certificate of testing to the euro grades by e.g. the LPCB, VdS etc are considered by AiS to be fully acceptable for the cash holdings of that grade.'

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