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Home Security Guide

Home security these days is big business; there is a lot of information out there on how to secure your home and what products offer the best security. We would all like our home, possessions and family to be 100% safe and secure, but unfortunately that is not always possible. The best locks can be picked; the toughest safes can be cracked. So where do we start? A good place is to understand what risks your home and possessions specifically face. Our objective is to respond to risk and keep it down to an acceptable level.

Home security is not only about the number of levers on your front door lock. It is equally about knowing when the last burglary occurred in your street. It's about joining your local Neighbourhood Watch, remembering to cancel the milk delivery when on holiday, and not leaving keys in locks. Home security is being aware of your risks and responding rather than being paranoid and doing nothing. Home security is about thinking like a thief.

Physical security forms the basis of securing your home. It is important to consider every entry point to your property.

Front Door Security

British Standard Mortice Deadlock:
A good quality deadbolt installed into the door is the basis for securing the front door of your home. It can only be unlocked with a key so it also helps prevent a thief exiting the home if they gain entry through another point e.g. window. Does your current lock meet the British Standard? Your old lock can be easily upgraded to the new standard.

British Standard Nightlatch:
Provides convenience of automatic locking without key and helps ensure your door is always locked when at home. Additional security is offered on some models that offer deadlocking which prevents "credit card attack".

Door Chain and Door Viewers:
Inexpensive and easily installed, these could save your life. Essential on solid doors with no glass.

Back Door Security

British Standard Sashlock:
A sashlock is a good idea on a backdoor which is normally locked from the inside. It has all the security of a deadbolt as well as latch (generally a nightlatch is not fitted on the back door). To upgrade to a British Standard sashock, check your backset (the distance from the edge of the door to the keyhole) before ordering. Most models can be replaced on a DIY basis.

Door Bolts:
At least two doorbolts, one at the top and one at the base of the door, operated with a key from the inside of your home is suggested for backdoor security. These can be fitted on the door or morticed into the door for a very neat finish.

Window Security

Window Locks:
Window bolts should be installed to secure all windows in the home. They should be locked by way of a key to deter entry by breaking the glass.

Garage & Shed Security

Garage Door Locks:
Locks supplied as standard with most garage doors are, unfortunately simply inadequate to resist any meaningful attack. Garages have been a source of easy pickings for burglars in the UK. When installing a new garage lock consider whether you need to open the lock from the inside of your garage. Large, highly visible locks have proven very effective deterrents in blocks of garages.

Lock that Shed:
Your shed can provide all the tools a burglar requires to gain access to your home as well as many valuable possessions. A hasp and staple and good quality padlock, or a "padbar" with an integrated lock should be used to secure your outside buildings.

If Your Home Security is Compromised

Secure Valuables in a Home Safe:
Safes in the home our now common place, and for good reason. They offer excellent physical security relative to their cost. Always decide on an appropriate Cash Rating before looking for a safe and ensure it is properly bolted down or installed to the manufacturer's specification.

Home contents insurance info
No home is 100% secure. Given enough time, the appropriate skill and tools any home can be breached. Off course that is why having adequate home contents insurance is necessary.

Please note that individual insurers may have different security requirements for your home and these may effect your premiums in different ways. The information provided here is simply a guide to securing your home - always check you meet the requirements of your insurance policy.

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Discounting locks, not your safety.