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How are you protected?

How are you protected? While Disklok won't stop anyone trying to nick your head unit or anything you've stupid enough to leave in the car, we've proved in past tests that it's virtually unbeatable, meaning you're likely to keep your car. The Disklok Steering Lock may be one of the biggest physical deterrents you can buy but it's been the toughest thing we've ever tried to get past and has won our security tests twice. It's designed to cover the steering wheel completely so you can't even attack the wheel to remove it, witch can be an easy way to get past the bar-type steering locks.

Our thief says: "Jesus that looks hard to beat. Cos it covers the complete wheel I can't even attack the steering wheel to get the wheel lock off. The hard thing about this thing is the lock rotates so i won't be able to drill it, which is probably the first thing I'd have gone for."

How he attempted it: After examining the Disklok Steering Lock for potential weak points, out thief grabbed his cordless drill and started attacking the clevis pin that holds the lock together. Even after nearly 15 minutes of severe attacking, the clevis and locking mechanism were still intact and the hardened steel construction resisted anything our thief threw at it. He pressed on for another five minutes before damaging his drill bits and losing his rag with the Disklok. This car's going nowhere with this fitted.


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