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Illegal Parkers Pay Disabled

Clamping down is the way to go for the Quadriplegic Association of South Africa (QASA) and the KZN Federal Council on Disability. Thanks to shoppers at the Pavilion chancing their arm and parking in the demarcated disabled parking bays, more than R4000 was given to the organizations from fines meted out to the offenders. Last year, Pavilion management decided to take a hard line on offenders using disabled parking, increasing the fine from R100 to R500.

Wheels were clamped and vehicles released after payment of the fine. "We adopted a zero-tolerance attitude in the light of blatant disregard for disabled parking. There are more than 30 such bays available at the centre, the number due to increase after Phase five of our extensions are completed in September," said Preston Gaddy, the Pavilion's general manager.

He added the problem was by no means restricted to the Pavilion, with many centres having shoppers taking a short cut by using reserved, disabled parking. "As the premier shopping centre in the province, we must set high standards. By taking such a hard line against these parking offenders, we hope to set the tone for other centres to fight such abuse," said Gaddy.

It's a good start for QASA and fellow organisations and, white appreciating the donation, it's worth mentioning that people park in the disabled parking at the Pavilion at their own peril.

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