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"Impact Picking" Break-In Method

EVVA responds with impact-resistant security!

"Impact picking" is again being discussed in the media with increased intensity. Is impact picking a new method of breaking in or old hat? Are consumers justifiably being warned by the reports or being unnecessarily scared? And is the whole thing really child's play as portrayed in parts of the press? As a supplier of high-quality security systems, EVVA - one of the leading manufacturers of security technology in Europe - has been involved with this issue for a long time. Reports often claim that everyone who has identified the principle is essentially in a position to produce the right tools at home to open doors without any problem.

How does impact picking work?

"It is of course not that simple", counters Christian Mahr, Head of Marketing and Development at EVVA. "The impact method requires a delicate hand, practise and technical equipment to make the impact key." Comparison with the snooker ball principle illustrates clearly how sensitive the process must be: In the same way kinetic energy is transferred from one snooker ball to the other on impact, the impact effect is transferred from the core pins to the housing pins in the cylinder, which then move accordingly.

If the key is then turned at the right moment, opening is possible. However, this is only possible with experience and also requires a blank key which fits perfectly into the locking cylinder profile to be tampered with. The manufacturer and profile must be known. Afterwards the blank must be machined to a professional standard. The impact technique is not at all suitable for spontaneous break-in attempts. Locking cylinders are also often covered by core pulling protection fittings.

EVVA customers are protected against impact picking

Because the snooker ball principle described above only works with locking cylinders with split pins, all proven EVVA pin systems in the module system are not affected. Both the 3KS and 3KSplus springless, reversible locking systems and the sprung DUAL system have non-split pins; even the worldwide unique MCS magnet system from EVVA can not be opened with the impact technique. By aligning towards modular design across the whole product portfolio, EVVA has taken a considerable step towards combating these types of tampering techniques. But there is also a solution for existing cylinders with split pins: These systems can, if the customer so desires, be fitted with an additional lock in the locking cylinder. Practise has shown that the move to high-quality locking cylinders is also the most cost-effective investment - not to mention the higher level of security and comfort.

Not crackable

Internationally renowned locking tool specialists have confirmed to EVVA that both the popular and cost-effective 3KS system and the MCS magnet system can not be "cracked" using customary equipment. This comprehensive security is not without reason: EVVA has set itself the target of continually searching for improvements and innovations in locking technology and to bring them to the marketplace in line with user requirements. The in-house development department is where solutions are developed that defy old-established and new break-in methods and increase security further. With EVVA products, users can always feel safe and secure - be they at home or at work.

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