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Kryptonite Relaunch

Kryptonite, the most respected brand in Cycle security, has just re-launched the most popular locks in its range with the best ever security features.

The highest security range of New York Chains and U-locks have always featured only the best technology Kryptonite could lay their hands on; the best designs and manufacturing techniques; the best use of materials
- Kryptonium steel, and the best disc style Flat Key Pick-SafeT locks.

Naturally, these New York locks pass the most difficult security tests around - as if surviving the mean streets of New York for more than a day wasn't proof enough - these locks also come with a Gold Sold Secure rating.

The Evolution U-locks have a 13 mm Kryptonium steel shackle that is extremely tough, and offers excellent resistance to powered and manual tool attacks. The cross bar has double reinforced metal sleeves over the cylinder and internals which prevents twisting attacks breaking open the lock. To further prevent leverage attacks the Evolution U-lock has an offset Pick-SafeT Flat Key and an overhead cam locking, and has passed Sold Secure tests with a Silver rating.

For the least expensive U-lock in the Kryptonite line up, the ever-popular KryptoLok still manages to boast an impressive specification. KryptoLok has the same 13 mm Shackle design as the Evolution, this time made of hardened high-grade carbon alloy steel shackle that gives superb resistance against hand tools. The shackle also has a patented Bent FootT design that is quick and easy to secure. Finally an offset Pick-SafeT Flat Key lock with seven internal discs is true evidence of high end technology filtering down from the top.

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