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Master Lock Seal Tight Handle-On Ball Valve Lock

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Fully adjustable, this lockout is designed to be attached to ball valves and completely prevents access to the valve during maintenance. The lockout consists of a large thin prong that can be fed through a valve; the user then slides the lockout along the prong, locks it into place and attaches a secure lockout padlock to fully isolate the system.

Key Features:

- Secure lockout - the S3068 clamps tight on the valve handle to completely prevent movements
- Suitable for use with 1/4" and 4" (0.6cm to 10.1cm) size valves
- Can be used on insulated pipes and on pipes that are within close quarters to other pipes, walls and ceilings
- Constructed from highly durable aluminium and steel to prevent damage due to corrosion
- Extreme temperature protection up to 1000°F (538°C)
- Ideally suited for use with MasterLock and American Lock padlocks/hasps
- Lightweight, compact design for easy storage and transportation



Name Master Lock Seal Tight Handle-On Ball Valve Lock
Brand Master Lock
Weight (KG) 0.1000