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Door Locks

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  1. Multipoint 1 Hook & 4 Rollers 35mm
    This lock has a 35mm backset case and 16mm faceplace with square ends. It has 1 central hookbolt, 4 rollers and a latchbolt. More
  2. Fuhr 856 2 Rollers & 2 Pins Lift Lever

    Price From: £87.00

    This is a type 8 lock in the 856 series and features lift lever operation which allows the door to be locked by lifting the lever and turning the key. More
  3. Millenco Multipoint 4 Rollers 35mm
    This original Millenco Mantis lock features 117/86mm centres and 4 rollers with 1,615mm between the outer rollers. More
  4. Millenco 2 Deadbolts & 3 Hooks
    This is an original Millenco Mantis lock which features 117/86mm centres and has 2 deadbolts and 3 hooks only. More
  5. Fuhr 856 4 Hooks Lift Lever
    This is the 4 hook version of this popular Fuhr lock in the 856 series which has no serrations to accept shootbolts. More
  6. Winkhaus Cobra 4 Hooks Key Wind

    Price From: £143.00

    The Winkhaus Cobra 4 hooks key wind lock is handed and cannot be reversed on site. Available in a 35mm backset size and 16mm faceplate. More
  7. Fuhr 855 2 Rollers & 2 Pins Key Wind

    Price From: £144.00

    This is type 8 Fuhr key wind lock in the 855 series which comes complete with 2 rollers for compression and 2 pin deadbolts. More
  8. Winkhaus Cobra 4 Hooks Lift Lever

    Price From: £163.00

    This classic 4 hook Cobra features a central deadbolt and a split spindle. Available in various backset sizes and a 16mm faceplate with square ends. More

Set Descending Direction

8 Item(s)