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  1. Asec Laminated Padlock 50mm

    Price From: £9.30

    The Asec laminated padlock is made up of tough laminated layers of steel, making it resilient to both attack and outside conditions. More
  2. 55/50mm Brass Padlock

    Price From: £13.40

    Abus 55 Series solid brass body padlock with the inner components made from non-corrosive materials. Pin tumbler cylinder with anti-pick mushroom pins which resists picking and a hardened steel shackle. More
  3. Lion Brass Padlock 50mm

    Price From: £14.10

    Constructed with a thicker body section than the Leopard range, it comes with a larger diameter and hardened steel shackle, solid brass lock body and 4 pin tumbler lock mechanism, approximately 50mm in in size. More
  4. Abus Eterna Laminated Padlock 41/50

    Price From: £15.10

    Thanks to ABUS’ ‘NanoProtect’ technology, the security of strong steel comes with the equivalent non-rust properties of brass. In simulations the ‘Eterna’ 41 resisted the equivalent worst British weather for more than four decades. More
  5. Stronglock Padlock 50mm

    Price From: £17.20

    Layers of steel plates rivetted together with steel rivets to produce an immensely strong lock to resist attack with 4 pin tumbler and black plastic sleeve. More
  6. 80ti/50 Titalium Padlock

    Price From: £17.80

    The Abus new generation of padlocks , strong, lightweight and innovative. TITALIUM is based on a special aluminium alloy, a mixture of materials is created that is extremely durable and lightweight; similar to the process used in aircraft construction. More
  7. Titalium 96TI Padlock 50mm

    Price From: £19.40

    The Abus Titalium range of padlocks is an industry leading range of strong and lightweight padlocks. The 96TI product series comes with a solid Titalium lock body, a high tech 10 pin cylinder and a sturdy stainless steel shackle. More
  8. Lion Brass Padlock 50mm
    Constructed with a thicker body section than the Leopard range, it comes with a larger diameter and hardened steel shackle,solid brass lock body and 5 pin tumbler lock mechanism. Approximately 50mm and keyed alike. Supplied as a pack of 2. More
  9. 83/50C Chrome Plated Brass Padlock

    Price From: £36.00

    ABUS 83 Series Chrome plated brass body heavy-duty padlock with a through hardened steel alloy NanoProtect Chrome Plated shackle (helping to make rusty shackles a thing of the past). The 83 series range of padlocks offer a medium to high level of security, with the ability to offer various levels of security within one keying system and is suitable for internal or external use. More

Set Descending Direction

9 Item(s)