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  1. AS2603 KD 66MM CS 6L
    The Asec "Old English" padlock is extremely robust and secure due to its heavy duty construction, closed shackle design which makes attacking the shackle more difficult. More
  2. Abus 24IB/70 Diskus Padlock

    Price From: £29.00

    Stainless steel shackle and body and non-corrosive inner components make the 24IB suitable for outdoor use. More
  3. Abus 26/70 Diskus Padlock

    Price From: £29.99

    The Abus 26 padlock series offers extra cylinder drilling and pulling protection. More
  4. Closed Shackle Padlock 51mm Steel
    The Yale closed shackle padlock 51mm steel has a chrome plated steel body and a double ball locking boron shackle for additional security. More
  5. Combination Lock CS CP1
    Die-cast steel body with hardened steel corrosion resistant shackle. Record-able 4 wheel combination only. More
  6. Titalium 96TICS Padlock 60mm

    Price From: £32.00

    The Abus Titalium range of padlocks is an industry leading range of strong and lightweight padlocks. The 96TICS/50 product series comes with a 50mm solid Titalium lock body, a high tech 10 pin cylinder and a sturdy stainless steel shackle. More
  7. Sterling Brass Closed Shackle Padlock 60mm
    The Sterling brass closed shackle padlock 60mm is has a premium solid brass body and a hardened steel, chrome plated closed shackle for increased protection. More
  8. 90RK/50mm Titalium Padlock CS

    Price From: £33.00

    ABUS 90RK/50 Series with high quality titalium body and stainless steel shackle. Marine grade padlock which offers the maximum corrosion resistance. More
  9. Schlage Shackle-less Padlock
    The Schlage shackle-less padlock features a protected, hidden shackle resists prying, cutting and sawing attacks. Recommended for use with a Schlage hasp. More
  10. 26/80mm Diskus Padlock

    Price From: £36.00

    Original DISKUS design: 360° protection, Stainless Steel case: Solidly reinforced for extra strength. Hardened steel alloy shackle: Resists hacksaw attacks. Diskus "Deep Welding Technology": Maximum strength More
  11. Master Lock ProSeries 54mm Shrouded Padlock
    Master Lock No. 6321 ProSeries® Shrouded Padlock is ideal for harsh outdoor conditions, exclusive Pro Series® Weather Tough® cover protects lock from water, ice, dirt and grime. More
  12. Recodable Combination 60mm CS
    The CP60 features a hardened steel 10mm diameter shackle, a 60mm wide die cast alloy lock body with dual compound cover and 5 easy to use spaced wheels. It is available in closed shackle and recommended for use on gates, vans, garages and commercial buildings. More
  13. Era Padlock 975 KD 64mm CS 5 Lever

    Price From: £38.00

    Era 975 Insurance Lever Padlock, Close Shackle Padlock has a 5 brass lever locking mechanism with a close hardened steel shackle. More
  14. Abus 20/70 Diskus Plus Padlock

    Price From: £39.00

    Abus "Ultimate Security" rated, this Diskus padlocks sets the mark. More
  15. Walsall Padlock 2000 5L ANTI-PICK
    Walsall Padlock 2000 ANTI-PICK has a 5 Lever Mechanism. BS EN 1670 corrosion resistance - Grade 3. Conforms to BS EN 12320: 2001 Padlock & Padlock Fittings Security Grade 3. More
  16. Squire Stronghold Marine CEN 3 CS

    Price From: £42.00

    The Stronghold 50mm open shackle marine padlock comes with a solid hardened steel lock body, stainless steel shackle and weather resistant cover. More
  17. Master Lock ProSeries 61mm Shrouded Padlock
    Master Lock No. 6325 ProSeries® Shrouded Padlock is ideal for transportation and industrial applications. More
  18. Squire Stronghold 50mm CEN 3 CS

    Price From: £42.00

    This Stronghold 50mm padlock has a 5 pin cylinder and comes with a solid hardened steel lock body, boron alloy steel shackle and weather resistant cover. More
  19. 83/50C Chrome Plated Brass Padlock CS

    Price From: £42.00

    ABUS 83 Series Chrome plated brass body heavy-duty padlock with a through hardened steel alloy NanoProtect Chrome Plated shackle (helping to make rusty shackles a thing of the past). The 83 series range of padlocks offer a medium to high level of security, with the ability to offer various levels of security within one keying system and is suitable for internal or external use. More
  20. 83WP/53 Extreme Weatherproof Padlock CS

    Price From: £44.00

    Abus 83WP Extreme weatherproof open shackle heavy-duty fully re-keyable through hardened steel alloy padlock, with a ball bearing locking mechanism for extra security, has a tough through hardened steel alloy shackle as standard with NanoProtect Chrome Plating. 6 pin tumbler cylinder with rust free components with anti-pick mushroom pins, resists picking. More

Set Descending Direction

21-40 of 65

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