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  1. Titalium 96TICS Padlock 50mm

    Price From: £24.00

    The Abus Titalium range of padlocks is an industry leading range of strong and lightweight padlocks. The 96TICS/50 product series comes with a 50mm solid Titalium lock body, a high tech 10 pin cylinder and a sturdy stainless steel shackle. More
  2. Abus 24IB/70 Diskus Padlock

    Price From: £29.00

    Stainless steel shackle and body and non-corrosive inner components make the 24IB suitable for outdoor use. More
  3. Abus 26/70 Diskus Padlock

    Price From: £29.99

    The Abus 26 padlock series offers extra cylinder drilling and pulling protection. More
  4. 90RK/50mm Titalium Padlock CS

    Price From: £33.00

    ABUS 90RK/50 Series with high quality titalium body and stainless steel shackle. Marine grade padlock which offers the maximum corrosion resistance. More
  5. Abus 20/70 Diskus Plus Padlock

    Price From: £39.00

    Abus "Ultimate Security" rated, this Diskus padlocks sets the mark. More

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5 Item(s)