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Bulldog Trail Clamp

Price From: £114.00

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Price From: £114.00



Lightweight, compact, portable security with simple to use snap shut lock. Designed for smaller camping trailers and jet-ski trailers. The Bulldog TrailClamp requires inset wheel nuts to allow the two 60mm studs on inside of disc to sit within rim. High security, integrated drill and pick resistant lock. PLEASE NOTE: Please check your actual tyre markings against the Size Chart above and see the below specific model notes before ordering :

  • Model TC200 : Will NOT fit "Vlukon" wheels fitted with 145 R10 tyres eg as fitted on Blue Line Box Trailers.
  • Model TC250 : Will NOT fit all 155/70 R12 tyres - this model is specifically designed for 170mm wide HEAVY DUTY 155/70 R12 Tyres only e.g. found on twin axle Ifor Williams Car Transporters.
  • Model TC300 : Will NOT fit all 20.5 x 8-10 tyres as clamp requires a minimum internal wheel rim diameter of 210mm.
  • Model TC350 : Will NOT fit "Eternity" Tyres.


Name Bulldog Trail Clamp
Brand Bulldog
Number Of Keys 2

TC100 £114.00  (1 In stock)

Bulldog TrailClamp TC100

TC100- 6 Kg

TC150 £124.00  (0 In stock)

Bulldog TrailClamp TC150

TC150- 7 Kg

TC200 £123.00  (2 In stock)

Bulldog TrailClamp TC200

TC200- 8 Kg

TC250 £132.00  (1 In stock)

Bulldog TrailClamp TC250

TC250- 9 Kg

TC300 £132.00  (1 In stock)

Bulldog TrailClamp TC300

TC300- 9 Kg

TC350 £141.00  (0 In stock)

Bulldog TrailClamp TC350

TC350- 9 Kg