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Chubbsafes HomeSafe S2 30P 70EL

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The Chubbsafes Home Safe has a volume of 71 litres and is certified by ECBS in accordance with the European EN15659 standard to provide 30 minutes protection for documents in the event of a fire. Furthermore, it is certified by ECBS in accordance with the European EN14450 standard to burglary resistance Level S2 thereby offering a cash rating of £4,000. The electronic lock can be programmed by the user with a six-digit code which will be used to open the safe. Simply turning the keypad after closing the safe locks it. The batteries are located inside the keypad and can be easily changed when they run low even if the safe is locked.

The Chubbsafes Home safe is constructed using an inner and outer layer of steel containing a specially formulated burglary and fire resistant material. The "V" bolt locking system on the safe door is designed to maintain door integrity during fires. It is supplied with adjustable shelves for convenience if more space is required.



Name Chubbsafes HomeSafe S2 30P 70EL
Brand Chubbsafes
Weight (KG) 59.0000
Series HomeSafe
Security Rating Grade S2 (£4 000)
Fire Rating 30 mins Paper
Safe Locking Electronic
Safe Internal Height (mm) 710
Safe Internal Width (mm) 355
Safe Internal Depth (mm) 281
Safe External Height (mm) 800.00
Safe External Width (mm) 445.00
Safe External Depth (mm) 390.00
Safe Volume (litres) 71
Finish Black