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Cisa 11931 Electric Lock
REF: 11931

Price From: £164.00

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Price From: £164.00



  • Case Size (mm): 111H x 130W x 35D
  • Outside: Barrel Cylinder
  • Inside: Red Push Button and Cylinder
  • Latch Hold Open & Button Block Function

The Cisa 11931 electric lock range is a versatile lock suitable for access control on external gates. The lock case and lock keep have a galvanised finish for weather protection. The red button opens the lock mechanically allowing for free exit. This button can, however, be blocked by using the internal key thereby increasing security where there is a risk of accessing the button from the outside. The inside lock can also be used to hold open the bolt. External key override is via the barrel cylinder which protrudes from the rear of the lock and is operated by the same key as the internal lock. Three keys are supplied. Four variants are available for inward and outward, left and right handed doors. The inward opening models are supplied with a striker with a plastic wheel to facilitate a smooth closing action. The outward opening models are supplied with steel keep (without wheel) for the inside and a plastic strike for the outside to guide the bolts into the keep. Please use the handing diagram to select the correct model.



Name Cisa 11931 Electric Lock
SKU 11931
Brand Cisa
Backset 60mm
Current 1.25 Amp
Voltage 12V AC

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