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Cisa Booster Plus Module For Elettrika
REF: 07022-10-0

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  • For the Cisa ELETTRIKA series of locks: 1A610, 1A611, 1A630,1A631, 1A721,1A731
  • To Adapt 12Vdc, 24Vdc, 24Vac to 12Vac
  • Booster In Case Of Insufficient Power
  • Electric Hold open
  • Timed opening period & door state signal

The Cisa “module booster PLUS” is an accessory for the Cisa Elettrika lock that allows the following functions to be added:
a) Timing of the opening command: following an electrical impulse, the electric rim lock puts the door is a state of readiness for opening for a certain time (modifiable when installed), at the end of which, in the absence of the passage of any user, the electric rim lock electrically disables itself, closing the passageway. There is also a microswitch that, in the event of users passing through within the set time, resets the power and the electric rim lock gets ready for another timed opening. NOTE: at least 3 cables need to reach the lock from the transformer: 2 from the transformer and 1 from the push-button.
b) Door state signal: the electric rim lock provides an output signal that is activated each time the passageway is not securely closed. This signal can be connected to an led, or to another alarm system. NOTE: at least 5 cables need to reach the lock , 2 from the transformer, 1 from the push-button and 2 for the led. The remote state is provided by a “STATUS” cable and it is possible to use “COMMON” for switching on the led.
c) Electric hold open device: the electric rim lock is in a continuous openable state using a key switch device that keeps the open command active beyond the time set by the connection to the terminal board.

In addition, on the Cisa “module booster PLUS” are other functions that are already provided in the booster BASE item 07022-00-0 as follows:
- Voltage adaptor: Guaranteed operation of the electric rim lock for voltages of 12Vac, 12Vdc, 24Vac, 24Vdc
- Reduced input: for all those installations where there is a need to have loads with low electrical input.
- Undersized power supply: guarantee of a sufficiently powerful electrical supply to the lock.




Name Cisa Booster Plus Module For Elettrika
SKU 07022-10-0
Brand Cisa
Weight (KG) 0.2000
Accessory Type Miscellaneous