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  1. Union Nightlatch Case 40mm Satin Chrome

    Price From: £34.00

    Latchbolt is withdrawn by handle from inside and key outside. Bolt can be deadlocked or held back by snib from inside. More
  2. Era 183 Deadlocking Cyl Nightlatch Chrome

    Price From: £48.00

    Era 183 Deadlocking Cylinder Nightlatches are ideally suited to be fitted on solid as well as glass panelled wooden doors, as the locks have been designed with an ergonomic internal locking handle which offers added security against forced entry. More
  3. Era BS Keyless Egress Nightlatch Satin Nickel

    Price From: £54.00

    Era 1530 Keyless Egress Nightlatch is a British Standard accredited front door lock with fire safety. Secure By Design. More
  4. Satin Chrome

    Price From: £55.00

    This is a high security auto deadlocking double locking nightlatch with an internal lockable handle and a snib to hold the latch in a retracted position. Opened by handle on the inside and key on the outside. More
  5. Era British Standard Nghtlatch 40mm satin Nickel

    Price From: £58.00

    Era 1830 British Standard Nightlatches feature an integral cylinder pull which protects the cylinder from being drilled, and comes with a 20mm bolt throw for increased security and strength. More

Set Descending Direction

5 Item(s)