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Evva EPS Banham L111 Euro Cylinder

Price From: £123.00

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Price From: £123.00



  • Size: 36/71 - 107mm
  • Use With Banham L111 Nightlatch
  • For Pre 2004 Banham Rim Nightlaches

Replacement cylinder for the Banham L111 Rim Nighlatch which was discontinued in 2004. This lock takes a Euro profile shaped cylinder.

Note, this cylinder CANNOT be used in the Banham L2000 Rim Nighlatch which replaced the L111 model. The new L2000 Banham Rim Nightlatch takes special round cylinders.

The new Evva EPS cylinders are the replacement for Evva DPS Cylinders with a patent until 2041. The main feature of EPS is the patented, multiple overlapping key profi le. This profi le with intersecting levels ensures key protection to legal standards, thereby reducing the risk of commercial replication and plagiarism. The EPS technology reflects decades of experience and meets all basic demands of modern security technology. Essential cylinder lock security is ensured by means of a triple authorisation check. Registered key System. 6pin. 32 Billion locking possibilities. protected against pulling and drilling.CEN security grade 6. High durability.



Name Evva EPS Banham L111 Euro Cylinder
Brand Evva
Series EPS
Cylinder Type Banham
Side A 36mm
Side B 71mm
Cylinder Length 107mm
Number Of Keys 3
Certification BS 1303

E-DZ-L111-NP-LH £123.00  (0 In stock)

Evva EPS Banham L111 Euro Cylinder NP LH

Nickel Plated- Diagram 1- 0.3 Kg

E-DZ-L111-NP-RH £123.00  (0 In stock)

Evva EPS Banham L111 Euro Cylinder NP RH

Nickel Plated- Diagram 2- 0.3 Kg

E-DZ-L111-PB-LH £123.00  (0 In stock)

Evva EPS Banham L111 Euro Cylinder PB LH

Polished Brass- Diagram 1- 0.3 Kg

E-DZ-L111-PB-RH £123.00  (0 In stock)

Evva EPS Banham L111 Euro Cylinder PB RH

Polished Brass- Diagram 2- 0.3 Kg