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Ferco Latch & 2 Rollers
REF: A0279

Price From: £60.00

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Price From: £60.00



The Ferco Latch & 2 Rollers is an old style lock with 70mm centres, a latch and 2 rollers only. Handing can easily be changed by reversing the unscrewing the case and reversing the latch.



Name Ferco Latch & 2 Rollers
SKU A0279
Brand GU
Centres 70mm
Multipoint Operation Lift Lever
Spindle Type Single Spindle
Spindle Size 8mm
Handing Reversible
Case Height 198mm
Multipoint Faceplate 16mm (Square Ends)
Faceplate Length 2 200mm
Outer Locks Gap 1,399mm
Locking Points R-[L]-R

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