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Safe Cash Ratings

A cash rating is the amount of cash for which an insurance company will offer overnight cover. All cash ratings quoted are the manufacturers' recommended ratings. The actual amount of cover can vary between insurance companies and may be higher or lower than the recommended rating. If this is important to you, you should check what cover your insurance company will offer for the product. The recommended rating is usually on the basis that the product is installed according to the manufacturers instructions eg. bolted down.

A safe's cash rating is an indication of the level of security that it offers. It should reflect factors such as the thickness of the safe's walls, quality of the lock and bolt work, and barrier materials used. As a guide, the higher the cash rating the more secure the safe.

Generally cash ratings are multiplied by 10 to obtain a non-cash or jewellery rating. So, as a guide, you can store approximately £10,000 worth of jewellery in a £1,000 cash rated safe.

Our High Cash Rated Safes offer greater resistance against attack. Most of these safes have been tested to a Euro Grade specifications. This grading system starts at Grade 0. Each grade has been been given a corresponding cash rating eg. a Grade 0 safe has a cash rating of £6,000.

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