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Safe Fire Resistance

Fire resistance is usually measured by the number of minutes a safe or cabinet has been tested to protect its contents when exposed to fire. The longer the period in minutes, the greater the fire resistance offered.

This rating is normally obtained by measuring the internal temperature of the safe whilst being exposed to temperatures around 1,000 C in a furnace. The critical temperature before paper records char or combust is about 177 C. Computer media cabinets, however, are tested to maintain internal temperatures below approximately 52 C - which is the maximum temperature most media manufacturers recommend.

If you primarily want to protect paper documents from fire and pilferage then look in the Safes section of the catalogue. These safes typically offer one or two hour fire protection for paper along with physical security to resist attack.

Our range or Filing Cabinets offer fire resistance for storing larger quantities of files and documents.

Computer media requires specific protection and needs to be stored in a purpose built Data Safe. Most computer disks and tapes should not be exposed to temperatures over 52°C or humidity over 85%. These cabinets offer a high level of fire resistance combined with protection from damaging magnetic fields, dust and pilferage.