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Bulldog Garage Door Lock

Product Review (submitted on 28 February 2018):
Well made and very robust. All the fittings necessary are supplied, together with simple, clear instructions.

I've only given it four stars as I would have preferred a better quality traditional keyed lock, rather than the cylindrical one supplied, as the depth of the 'indentations' are not quite as varied as I would have liked for security. Generally the greater the variation in depth the harder it would be to pick. In the early days of cylindrical locks, when the diameter of the hole was much smaller, it was often possible to open such a lock with a biro!

Having said that, it should not be taken that this lock would be so easy to pick, not a bit! The diameter of the hole is much bigger than the ones described above and the variation of the slots is much more varied and a bit deeper, so I'm sure it would easily defeat all but the most skilled thief with the right tools. The opportunist thief wouldn't have a chance defeating this lock by picking it and to get past it any other way would involve a lot of noise and probably portable power tools.

I would thoroughly recommend this lock as a good compromise between cost, security and ease of use, in order to protect the contents of most garages.

It takes a bit of effort to fit as you obviously need to concrete the locking tube's receptical into the ground, but it's not difficult and was all done in a couple of hours start to finish.

Provided you appreciate that if someone REALLY wants to get in, they will, there is little out there to beat this lock for the price and believe me I looked hard! Oh, and it's made in Britain, what's not to like!