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Viro Blockout Electric Lock
REF: V8967

Price From: £107.00

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Price From: £107.00



  • Size (mm): 103.5H x 127.5W
  • Backset (mm): 50-80
  • Painted finish on galvanized base
  • Loose external rim cylinder

Viro Blockout electric locks are suitable for inside and outside doors and pedestrian gates and are interchangeable with the V97 locks and also most common electric locks. The manually operated deadbolt ensures lock closing regardless of the electric impulse. Adjustable Backset (50/60/70/80mm). Replaceable Double Electric Coil. Ideal for Wooden & Metal Doors/Gates. Standard 12V AC. Key Override. Fail Secure. Supplied with 3 Keys

Please note Viro are phasing in the new metallic anthracite (black) painted finish on this line.



Name Viro Blockout Electric Lock
SKU V8967
Brand Viro
Backset 50-80mm
Current 1.7 Amp
Voltage 12V AC

V8967-LH £107.00  (1 In stock)

Viro Blockout Electric Lock LH

Diagram 2- 2.1 Kg

V8967-RH £107.00  (1 In stock)

Viro Blockout Electric Lock RH

Diagram 1- 2.1 Kg