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Winkhaus Entryguard 2 Hooks

Price From: £185.00

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Price From: £185.00



  • Top hook to entryguard spindle - 400mm

The Winkhaus Entryguard 2 hooks features an Entryguard facility which engages with the door frame, preventing the door from being fully opened until released. Working in a similar way to a door chain, it allows the occupier to see who is at the door before opening it. To reverse handing, push in latch and a screw will appear in back of lockcase. Undo the screw to remove the latch. Reverse, reinsert and replace screw. Lift the lever to engage locking points and turn the key to lock them.



Name Winkhaus Entryguard 2 Hooks
Brand Winkhaus
Centres 92mm
Multipoint Operation Lift Lever
Spindle Type Split Spindle
Spindle Size 8mm
Handing Reversible
Case Height 185mm
Outer Locks Gap 1,490mm
Locking Points H-[L-D]-H

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