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Mortice Sashlocks

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  1. Satin Chrome

    Price From: £15.30

    TSS British Standard BS3621:2007 5 lever mortice sashlock. Easily reversible latch bolt, no need to open lock case. The case has black powder coating with rounded rounded forend with square faceplate. More
  2. Era Fortress Sashlock 64mm Satin Chrome

    Price From: £16.60

    The Era 262 / 362 Fortress Sashlock range fully complies with both the European and British standards (BS3621:2007). More
  3. Legge Sashlock N5642 Stainless Steel 68mm

    Price From: £19.99

    The new style Legge N5642 & N5762 BS 5 Lever sashlock from Legge complies to BS EN 3621 is available in a range of sizes and finishes. Supplied with 3 keys. More
  4. 45mm Backset - Stainless Steel

    Price From: £22.00

    5 Lever StrongBOLT Sashlock. As well as the unique chamfered bolt design, the UNION StongBOLT has been further developed based on extensive research and feedback. More
  5. Era Sashlock 202 Brass 64mm

    Price From: £23.00

    The ERA 202 / 302 Viscount 5 Lever Sashlock range of door locks are suitable to replace existing 2 and 3 lever door locks. More
  6. 45mm Backset - Satin Chrome

    Price From: £26.00

    20mm deadbolt for secure positive deadlocking and additional resistance against attack. Tested to BS3621:2007. Keys suitable for doors up to 54mm thick. More
  7. 44mm Backset - Satin Chrome

    Price From: £28.00

    Pierced to accept bolt through furniture. Deadbolt is locked or unlocked by key from either side. Reversible latchbolt withdrawn by lever handle from either side. More
  8. Securefast Sashlock SKSS2 64mm Stainless Steel

    Price From: £29.99

    Securefast SKS 5 lever mortice sashlock complying with British Standard BS3621:2007 in a stainless steel or Polished Brass finish supplied with 2 keys. More
  9. Willenhall M3 Sashlock 50mm Satin Chrome

    Price From: £31.00

    Willenhall M3 5 Lever narrow style Sashlock, ideal for doors with narrow stile (e.g. Glazed and French doors). More

Set Descending Direction

9 Item(s)