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Door Locks

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  1. GU 2 Rollers With Attachments For Shootbolts

    Price From: £49.00

    This is a lift lever GU lock which features rollers and serrations to allow the attachment of top and bottom shoot-bolts. Available in 2 backset sizes. More
  2. Ferco Munster Latch & 1 Deadbolt & 2 Rollers
    This lock is specifically designed for Munster Joinery locks and cannot be replaced with any other lock because of the additional deadbolt. More
  3. GU 2 Rollers Bottom Shootbolt
    This is a GU lock which features 2 rollers, a bottom shoot-bolt and serrations to allow the attachment of a top shoot-bolt which is supplied separately. More
  4. Fuhr 2 Rollers & Connections Lift Lever

    Price From: £73.00

    This is a single spindle centre lock section which has the ability to accept roller attachments and shootbolts. More
  5. Ferco Fercomatic 2 Rollers

    Price From: £76.00

    This lock features a pin below the latch which engages the locking points automatically on closing so that the door is locked each time it closes. More
  6. Master 2 Rollers Shootbolt Attachments 35mm
    This 2 roller lock is designed to work with shootbolts and is supplied with a sprung gearbox. It is non handed and has a 35mm backset. More
  7. Millenco 2 Deadbolts & 3 Hooks
    This is an original Millenco Mantis lock which features 117/86mm centres and has 2 deadbolts and 3 hooks only. More
  8. KFV 2 Rollers & Attachments For Shootbolts
    This is a 2 roller split spindle lock with serrations for attaching shootbolts at the top and bottom of the door. More

Set Descending Direction

8 Item(s)