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Wheel Clamps

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  1. Budget Multiclamp With Padlock
    Versatile clamp for securing caravans, trailers, cars, vans and 4X4's. More
  2. Non-Lockable Winter Wheel Stands
    Avoid costly expense of replacing tyres that have been stood over winter. Suitable for 4 or 5 stud caravan wheels. More
  3. Bulldog EuroClamp

    Price From: £86.00

    Snap on wheel clamp fitted in under 10 seconds. 10/10 for security in AutoExpress tests. A super tough, snap on wheel clamp for car, caravan, trailer or 4x4. More
  4. Bulldog TrailClamp

    Price From: £91.00

    Lightweight, compact, portable security with simple to use snap shut lock. Designed for smaller camping trailers and jet-ski trailers More
  5. Auto Clamp (CAT)

    Price From: £116.00

    Fully adjustable lightweight wheel clamp that fits most popular cars, commercials, caravans and trailers. Independently tested, lightweight wheel clamp. More
  6. Winter Wheel Clamps
    Immobilises caravan for long term site or winter caravan storage. Avoid costly expense of replacing tyres that have been stood over winter. More
  7. Bulldog QD Caravan Wheel Clamp

    Price From: £142.00

    Sold Secure Silver approved, compact, quick-fit caravan wheel clamp for touring or storage security. More
  8. Titan Wheel Clamp

    Price From: £179.00

    Re-inforced steel cover plate in bright red powder coated finish. Sold Secure, TUV and TNO approved. High security, integrated drill and pick resistant lock. More
  9. Centaur Wheel Clamp

    Price From: £219.00

    The Bulldog Centaur Wheel Clamp is available in three models to cover most wheels. Secured by Design is the only form of Police approval for products in the UK. More

Set Descending Direction

9 Item(s)