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Cisa Elettrika 1A630 Elec lock For Wood
REF: 1A630-00-0

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  • Size (mm): 110H x 204W x 60D
  • Strike (mm): 31H x 94W x 37D
  • For Wooden Doors
  • Outside: Rim Cylinder
  • Inside: Push Button and Cylinder

The Cisa Elettrika electric lock series features an innovative locking system with a "rotary hook deadbolt" with pull resistance of up to 2000 kg. Excellent vibration resistance and impact strength (patented system). Protective steel case totally enclosing the lock and striker. Elettrika is non handed (patented system) and with a variable backset from 50 to 80 mm (patented system). Elettrika is fitted with a new type of self-adjusting "swinging rod" striker, active both vertically and horizontally (patented system). The rotary hook deadbolt of Elettrika can be operated in two different modes: 1. Automatic opening: the door is set open by the deadbolt rotation. 2. Ready to open: the deadbolt is withdrawn but the door remains in closing position. Elettrika is interchangeable with many types of lock available on the UK market. The innovative reloading system ensures silent opening and closing operation and the gate rebound effect is reduced.

The Elettrika 1A630 features a hold open device which is activated using the key on the internal cylinder, retaining the lock in its open position. The red push button opens the lock mechanically allowing for free exit in the event of power failure. This button can however be blocked by using the key on the internal cylinder so the lock can still be used effectively in cases where risk of accessing the button from the outside exist. The lock is supplied with a standard Cisa rim cylinder for key override from the outside.



Name Cisa Elettrika 1A630 Elec lock For Wood
SKU 1A630-00-0
Brand Cisa
Weight (KG) 2.6000
Backset 50-80mm
Handing Reversible
Current 3 Amp
Voltage 12V AC

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